Thanks to its infinitely variable travel drive, attachments that can be changed without tools, and a side-swiveling and rotating handlebar, the Rapid KIPOS is the perfect multifunctional single-axle implement carrier for gardening and landscaping. The uncompromisingly designed balance for soil tilling work enables easy, energy-saving work even over long working days.

Quick change system

Enables a tool-free change of the various attachments in a flash.



Flexible tire selection and combination options tailored to your needs for best traction and ground protection depending on the application.


Parking support

Convenient parking, transport or storage of the machine thanks to the optional parking support.



Easy-to-start and powerful gasoline engine, corresponds to the latest state of the art in terms of efficiency and emissions.


Engine Guard

The optional engine guard protects the machine when approaching obstacles.


Dead man's lever

Pressing the dead man's lever releases the brake acting mechanically on the axle and releases the machine for startup. If the dead man's lever is released during operation, the PTO shaft and travel drive switch off immediately. At the same time, the brake stops the machine immediately.


Storage space

The toolbox provides space for the utensils for daily maintenance.


Bar height adjustment

Tool-free adjustment of the ideal tie bar height to individual requirements.


Crane eye

For safe lifting and fastening.


PTO shaft actuation

The PTO, which is mechanically coupled to the engine speed, can be easily switched on and off at the push of a button while driving.


Differential lock

To increase traction, the differential can be locked if necessary.


Rotary handle

Drive forward or backward steplessly without clutching and shifting.


Rotary handle locking lever

Cruise control function by clamping the twist grip.


Pivot tie bar and adjust laterally

By operating the hand lever, the tie bar can be swiveled by 230° and locked in six positions. Thanks to the Rapid Wendematic® , the function of the operating elements remains unchanged.


Throttle lever

For setting the motor speed.


Special tool

The universally applicable special tool serves as a wrench for hoods and covers. It can also be used to adjust the freewheel.


Special tool

The special tool also has a good secondary use, should you get thirsty at work.

Technical data

  • Engine
    Robin EX40
  • Engine type
    4-stroke OHV gasoline engine, air-cooled
  • Displacement
    404 cm3
  • Cylinder
  • Max power
    14 HP / 10.3 kW
  • Starter
    manual recoil starter, optionally with electric starter
  • Weight
    160 kg (without wheels)
  • Slope capability
    up to 60%
  • Traction drive
    hydrostatic, stepless speed regulation forward and backward, cruise control function by rotary handle locking lever, slower and faster, speed range, can be changed over with a few hand movements
  • Speed
    forward 0 - 8 km/h, reverse 0 - 3.6 km/h
  • PTO shaft
    1000 min-¹ at a motor speed of 3600 min-¹
  • Mounting spigot
    Toolless quick change system Ø52/54mm
  • Holm
    swiveling (230°) without tools, lockable in 6 positions, height adjustable without tools (11 positions, additional parking positions), bar can be folded down for compact transport dimensions
  • Parking brake
    mechanical, activated by releasing the dead man's lever
Lorenz Arbogast, Education center manager Jardin Suisse Neuenkirch
"The Rapid KIPOS inspires with its performance, the quick attachment change as well as its intuitive operation without letting go of the tie bar. Especially with changing operators, this makes daily work easy, safe and efficient."