Forage harvesting

Efficient, ground-protecting and clean forage harvesting and preservation

Compact drive

Compact drive
Clean forage in double swaths – ideal for loading
Working widths 203 and 206 cm

Rapid's tried and tested Compact zero grazer makes ground-protecting forage harvesting simple and efficient. The compact design and optimum weight distribution
provide a perfect cut and clean production of forage,
even under difficult conditions.

A double swath, which is ideal for loading wagons, is created in two runs that are conducted in opposite directions.

Success factors

• Perfect cut with rapid forage regrowth
• Clean, fresh forage in double swath that is ideal for loading wagons
• Can also be used in difficult conditions such as wet soil
• Ground-protecting work thanks to low overall weight
• Problem-free use, even on slopes

Belt hayrake

Belt hayrake
Turning and raking
Working widths of 125 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm

The belt hayrake is used to turn cuttings during the drying phase and then form a swath with the swathe panelling folded down. This makes it easier for the cuttings to be picked up for transporting.

Success factors

  • Turn and rake with one appliance
  • Different working widths adapted to the base machine and the usage conditions
  • Adjustable front wheels for optimum depth control
  • Front wheels that can be steered from the handlebar
  • Maximum user safety due to adapted dead man system


Pick-up and transport of crop on extremely steep slopes
Working widths 140 cm, 180 cm and 220 cm

The Twister hayrakes are highly efficient for hay harvesting on steep slopes. Picking up and transporting dry crop as well as transportation to less steep slopes for pick-up using a baler or a loading wagon are therefore simple to do. Work is made much easier and a great deal of time is saved compared to conventional manual work.

Success factors

  • Light weight for simple, reliable and ground-protecting working, even on extremely steep slopes
  • Flexible plastic tines mean that fodder is picked up neatly without causing damage on any terrain
  • Hay pick-up and transport downhill in a large ball when travelling along contour lines
  • Collection device makes it possible to pick up and transport sideways and uphill
  • Low crumbling losses
  • Pick-up procedure is favourable for biodiversity
  • Low noise generation


Pick-up, active discharging to the side and transport of forage
Working widths 190 cm and 220 cm

The 190 cm and 220 cm wide Rapid Multi-Twister is designed for picking up fodder and for raking and transporting crops on level surfaces and slopes. The fodder is picked up extremely gently by the patented pick-up. Discharging to the side takes place via the lateral conveyor belt, which can be conveniently switched to clockwise operation, anticlockwise operation or stop from the handlebar.

Success factors

  • Forage pushing and raking possible
  • For hay and also green forage and silage, depending on the dryness
  • Flexible plastic tines make it possible to pick up fodder neatly and gently from any terrain
  • Can be used on slopes and on level surfaces
  • Lateral conveyor belt with selectable clockwise/anticlockwise operation
  • Collection device makes it possible to pick up and transport on level surfaces, along contour lines and when travelling uphill
  • Low crumbling losses

Round baler

Round baler
Forage pick-up and presses
Working width 100 cm

The round baler is steered from the handlebar via a linkage. After the crop is picked up, it is compressed in the press chamber and wrapped. The completely compressed, handy bales are removed manually.

Success factors

  • Neat loading through pick-up
  • Reliable and even rolling and compression of the crop
  • Manual removal of the bale prevents it from rolling away on the slope
  • Ground is protected by low total weight
  • Optimum slope performance
Video Round baler



E-Truck with Rapid cool cover

We congratulate our longtime partner Designwerk for the national Prix Watt d'Or! We are also very pleased about their success because of the battery cool covers we produce which are installed in the E-Trucks. The installed cool covers are manufactured with friction stir welding (FSW). Friction stir welding not only allows the welding of aluminium alloys, but also the joining of mixed joints such as aluminium/copper, aluminium/brass, copper/brass etc.  A rotating tool is immersed under pressure into the components to be welded and joins them together without additives. The connection is not made by melting, but by stirring the plasticized materials.