Perfect for transporting small loads around the home and farm or simply for standing on so you can get about easily when working

Mini Cargo

Mini Cargo
Easy transport in tilting bucket
Payload 250 kg and 400 kg

The Mini Cargo is coupled to the single-axle walk-behind tractor via the connection flange. The bucket can be tilted forwards, operation is simple and the vehicle can also be driven on challenging terrain thanks to steerable / trailing front wheels.

Success factors

  • Large bucket and large payloads
  • Tilting bucket for ease of emptying
  • Steerable front wheels for ease of operation of walk-behind tractors with differential axles
  • Swivelling, trailing wheels for ease of operation on walk-behind tractors with active steering systems
  • Dead man system provides operator safety
Video Mini Cargo


Uncompromising short-distance transport
Payload 400 kg and 500 kg

Many different materials can be efficiently transported over short distances using the trailers. The usable surface and the side walls can be tilted manually. Thanks to the adjustable seat, the operator travels in comfort and the trailer can also be braked using a foot pedal. For safety reasons, the trailer can only be used with machines with a differential compensation.

Success factors

  • Transport of work equipment, tools and loads
  • Manual tilting mechanism for unloading spreading material and bulk material
  • Immobilisation brake for safe parking of the trailer
  • Seat for operator
  • Folding side panels for safe transport and ease of loading
Video Trailer

Stand-on wheeled platform

Stand-on wheeled platform
Convenient ride-along platform
for 1 operator

If you need to cover long distances when working, e.g. when sweeping footpaths or
mowing large lawns, the stand-on wheeled platform provides the convenience you need.
The operator stands behind the machine combination and is pulled along with it. As a result,
you can keep going for long periods without becoming physically tired.

Success factors

  • Simple and robust design
  • Fatigue-free working over long distances
  • Narrow dimensions allow areas with restricted space to be accessed