Winter services

The key to ensuring perfectly cleared paths and squares

Snowplough blade

Snowplough blade
Ready for operation in a flash, user-friendly, robust and safe
Working widths 100 cm, 125 cm and 150 cm

Rapid snowploughs really stand out thanks to their versatility, safety and ease of use. The pivoting mechanism, which can be conveniently operated from the handlebar, offers an efficient method of pushing snow out of the way in the desired direction. Thanks to the side panels (mounted without tools), areas of a considerable size can be cleared without leaving any snow behind.

Success factors

  • Spring-back tilt mechanism for impact-free work and protection of the machine and environment
  • Easy to operate, can be swivelled from the handlebar
  • Robust design, interchangeable scraper bars and slip heels
  • Sophisticated plough geometry means that large quantities of snow can be efficiently moved to the side thanks to the "rolling effect"
  • Optional vulkolan bar for clearing surfaces that are vulnerable to impacts and scratches without causing damage

Snow thrower

Snow thrower
Master of deep snow, user-friendly, robust and efficient
Working widths 70 cm, 87 cm and 105 cm

Rapid snow throwers really stand out thanks to their safe and easy operation. They are designed to be robust and are ready for action in no time at all. They cut through snow efficiently and catapult it precisely toward the desired location. Paths and open spaces can be rapidly cleared for users to ensure safe passage.

Success factors

  • Robust design with solid toothed reels enables the machine to cut through snow efficiently and easily even when the snow is hard
  • Ready for action in no time at all
  • Safe and convenient operation including ejection chamber adjustment via the handlebar
  • Extremely high snow output volume
  • Large snow throwing range and precision aiming thanks to the adjustable ejection chamber
  • Low-maintenance, designed for durability
  • Maximum ease of use and efficiency thanks to Rapid walk-behind tractors, which feature a continuously variable hydrostatic travel drive


Neatly metered spreading
Spreading width 50 cm to 400 cm

Spreading material (usually sand, salt or grit) is finely metered and evenly spread using the combi-spreader. Because of the compact dimensions and the wide spreading area, the combi-spreader is also ideally suitable for locations that are difficult to access and is mainly used for dealing with ice / snow.

Success factors

  • Continuously adjustable throw distance and throw quantity
  • Large areas can be treated
  • Areas with restricted space can be treated without problems
  • Cover for applications in unfavourable weather conditions
  • Large spreading material tank volume for long periods of use
Video Combi-spreader