Core values

Our core values ensure added value

Rapid quality

Rapid machines are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. From design and production right through to assembly, quality assurance and our customer service and spare parts service, we embody the quality for which Switzerland is renowned day in, day out.

Easy control

All Rapid walk-behind tractors support continuously variable forward and reverse travel without any need for operating a clutch and shifting gears. Active steering systems ensure optimum handling even when travelling across very steep and challenging terrain. The operator simply uses the rotary grip on the handlebar to issue the desired commands and the machine then carries out the work precisely.

Top efficiency

The high performance and superb quality are what make our machines so efficient, whether they are used alone or in combination. This is true for individual instances of use or many years of operation. Our core values involve making sure our products are durable and always ready for action.

Safety system

Operational safety is very important to us. That is why we use intelligent systems that combine safety with efficiency. Safety conciousness starts right back in the design phase so that when the machine is finally in the hands of the operator, safety is already built in. For us, that is par for the course.

Green technology

Rapid believes in sustainability and takes care of its natural and human resources accordingly. Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly materials and work with modern and efficient production facilities. The result: high-quality products that are attuned to people and the environment.

Multiple functionality

Each Rapid walk-behind tractor is suitable for a variety of applications throughout every season. Because they are multi-purpose, purchase and operating costs can be massively reduced. What's more, they take up less storage space than single-purpose machines. This means your money goes further but you still get to enjoy all the benefits.



E-Truck with Rapid cool cover

We congratulate our longtime partner Designwerk for the national Prix Watt d'Or! We are also very pleased about their success because of the battery cool covers we produce which are installed in the E-Trucks. The installed cool covers are manufactured with friction stir welding (FSW). Friction stir welding not only allows the welding of aluminium alloys, but also the joining of mixed joints such as aluminium/copper, aluminium/brass, copper/brass etc.  A rotating tool is immersed under pressure into the components to be welded and joins them together without additives. The connection is not made by melting, but by stirring the plasticized materials.