Operational performance despite corona virus

Dear Rapid Customers and Business Partners


We share the general concern about the outbreak of the novel corona virus. In compliance with the prescribed security measures, we have organized ourselves so that our services are guaranteed to all of our contact groups. Instead of direct contacts, we act in the current situation wherever possible by phone or email. What is important for you is:

  • You can still reach our employees under the usual telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • As planned, we produce and assemble in separate groups, shift work and office work are sometimes done from home.

We are aware that Swiss agriculture is now particularly challenged to continue producing food. Other industries are required to work highly efficiently through mechanization. We offer the following services:

  • Deliveries of wear and spare parts ordered the day before by 4 p.m. can be delivered overnight to a Swiss rapid dealer.
  • Machine demonstrations in the field will continue to be offered in a professional environment. Social Distancing" as well as a group size of max. 4 persons is mandatory. Machine controls are operated with gloves and disinfected according to contacts.
  • Device deliveries as usual.

Our goal is to provide our services for you even under difficult conditions and at the same time to make an important contribution to containing the Corona virus.