Our history

Highlights of the success story in keywords

  • Market launch of the Rapid ORBITO with an axle that can be hydraulically adjusted at the push of a button.
  • Finalisation and sale of Anlageliegenschaft Zypressenhof, Limmatfeld Dietikon (at Rapid's former business location).
  • End of activities as general representative for Lindner tractors and transporters.
  • Strategic cooperation with Reform / A (importer of OE and OEM products).
  • Market launch of Rapid REX, the world's lightest mountain mower.
  • Relocation from Dietikon / ZH to Killwangen/AG.
  • Rapid becomes the main dealer for the Austrian brand Lindner (transporters and specialist tractors). This significantly reinforces the trade division: in both the municipal and agricultural sectors Rapid now covers the majority of its customers‘ needs. The dealer network will also benefit from this expansion and differentiation.
  • Penetration of the American market via cooperation with the company ARIENS / USA (producer of Gravely walk-behind tractors).
  • The Rapid MONDO is overhauled and the second generation launched
  • Launch of Rapid’s upgraded Rapid SWISS model with a rotary grip.
  • Introduction of the first Rapid SWISS series, based on Karl Lüönd’s plans.
  • A distribution agreement for Switzerland is concluded with Egholm, the Danish manufacturer of walk-behind tractors with articulated steering.
  • A joint venture is agreed with Sewitech AG for the distribution of Sewitech gradient mowers under the label Rapid TECNO.
  • Market launch of the Rapid UNIVERSO.
  • Purchase of all rights to the Rapid SWISS developed by Karl Lüönd Sen.
  • One year after the 75th anniversary celebration of Rapid Maschine und Fahrzeuge AG, the company was split into two autonomous parts, Rapid Schweiz AG and Rapid Technic AG.
  • Rapid Schweiz AG deals with the import and sale of agricultural vehicles.
  • Rapid Technic AG is active in the following segments:


Production and distribution of single-axle equipment

• Import and sale of special vehicles for public works use

• Customised manufacture for the machine industry

  • 75th anniversary celebration of Rapid Maschine und Fahrzeuge AG.
  • The production of the Rapid 505 is discontinued after 33 years, a period during which more than 30,000 units were produced and sold.
  • Start of production of the Rapid MONDO. The second generation of the Rapid EURO with an aluminium housing replaces the grey cast iron model.
  • The Rapid EURO is launched.
  • The first hydrostatically driven motor mower with a zero cutting unit, the Rapid 507, is launched.
  • Rapid agrees on a joint venture with Iseki & Co. Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, which still exists to this day. Iseki is a successful manufacturer of compact tractors, which are widely distributed in Japan as agricultural tractors in rice paddies. In Switzerland, the tractor is used primarily for public works purposes.
  • Development of the Rapid Heureka, a tractor mower on the basis of a single-axle vehicle, which proves to be revolutionary in rationalising hay harvesting on terrain with gradients of up to 65%. The development of tractor mowers ends in 1992 with the launch of the Rapid MT 200.
  • The most successful motor mower from Rapid, the Rapid 505, is launched in the market with wide-cutting and zero cutting models.
  • Rapid develops the first automotive trailer, the Rapid Cargotrac 30, marking the start of the company’s development of double-axle transporters spanning a period of 30 years. 1982 sees the market launch of the biggest and most powerful transporter, the Rapid Alltrac 3000.
  • Move into a newly constructed administrative building and relocation of Rapid AG’s headquarters from Zurich to Dietikon.
  • Production of an initial series of 1,000 lawnmowers. Rapid becomes a lawnmower producer, a clichée that is still widely held to this day.
  • A major success was enjoyed by Rapid in 1950 with the development and construction of its single-axle tractor type “S” (1950 – 1978).
  • The Rapid trademark was launched in 1949.
  • The Rapid Spezial was a machine which could not only be used for mowing but also for agricultural purposes as a transporter in combination with a trailer driven via the power take-off shaft.
  • The “Spezial” was one of the first multi-functional machines to make its mark on the mechanisation of Swiss agriculture, in combination with many different attachments.
  • Relocation of production from Zurich to the newly built factory in Dietikon.
  • Manufacture of a test series of 36 small “Swiss Volkswagen” cars. One of these cars is on display at Lucerne Transport Museum.
  • Dr. Karl Welter and engineer Arnold Rutishauser founded “Rapid Motormäher AG” with the aim of manufacturing motor-driven mowing machinery. Rapid was the first company in the world to launch the series production of self-propelled motor mowers with front-driven mowing bars.

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