Our endeavour

Focus on customer benefits


We put the main focus on the needs of our customers.

We make an important contribution to the lasting success of our customers with our products and services.


Aspirations of the departments


Single-axle appliances department

We are a manufacturer of technologically and qualitatively leading, easy and safe to operate, multifunctionally usable single-axle walk-behind tractors and attachments.

We are the European market leader and also provide our customers with an excellent service that goes beyond the point of sale.


Tractors & Special Vehicles department

We are the complete Swiss importer and adviser for customised caryying vehicles (up to 50 km / h) for the municipal and agricultural engineering areas.

Engineering Solutions department
We are the specialist for integrated solutions and product developments in the friction stir welding (FSW) area, small appliance hydraulic drives and complex cast components.

We accompany our international customers from the solution approach to initial series production.

Contract Manufacturing department

We are experienced customer order manufacturers of technically and qualitatively outstanding components and assemblies with a high vertical range of manufacture.

We are a technological leader in the area of friction stir welding (FSW), specialising in the machining of complex cast components, and provide our international customers with complete solutions.