Rapid uses friction stir welding to manufacture cooling plates for e-mobility

Amazingly simple and safe operation


The main applications for friction stir welding (FSW) are any internal structures where materials of different thickness have to be joined and a high-quality surface that is free of visual defects is also required.


A rotating tool is moved into the components to be welded under pressure, and joins them without additional materials. The adhesive bond is not made by locally melting the joining material, but by stirring the plastified materials. Friction stir welding not only enables aluminium alloys to be welded together, but even enables mixed joints such as aluminium/copper, aluminium/brass, copper/brass, etc. to be joined together.


High-quality thin sheet aluminium cooling plates


We have manufactured high-quality cooling plates for Batteriewerk Schweiz AG that are used for all-electric commercial vehicles. Our cooling plate contributes greatly to the lightweight and compact design of the battery that thereby offers unique flexibility in terms of battery size. As a result, the battery is suitable for all applications.

Thanks to friction stir welding, the perfect temperature, no overheating and a long battery life can be ensured with the cooling plate manufactured by Rapid. With the Rapid cooling plate, the battery is cooled to the desired temperature using water and heated as necessary in the winter. The operating temperature range of the battery is between -25 and 50 °C. With a weight of just 16.5 kg and a thickness of just 8 mm, the cooling plate has a very compact design and thereby contributes to the weight optimisation as well as the maximum efficiency of the entire battery pack.

INDIVIDUA 133 modular high-performance batteries for commercial vehicles


The lightweight and compact design of the INDIVIDUA 133 high-performance battery offers unique flexibility in terms of battery size and is thereby suitable for all applications. The high-performance battery can be quick-charged and its performance can be enhanced even further using water cooling.


Further information about the battery:


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