Equipment / template construction

Comprehensive range of manufacturing facilities
Technical expertise in the machining of thin-walled cast components

You will benefit from our extensive experience in equipment and template construction. The active exchange with you and simple internal operating structures form the basis for short initialisation times.

Success factors

  • Many years of experience in the design and manufacture of operating materials and equipment
  • Equipment for clamping thin-walled cast components
  • Short communication routes between all areas involved
  • Motivated technical specialist team
  • Short initialisation times
  • State-of-the-art software for modelling and visualisation

Prototype / piece production

Small quantities, short delivery times
Part optimisation for series production

Manufacturing specialists manufacture high-precision prototypes for you. Complex geometries are manufactured with the assistance of modern operating materials and a 5-axis controlled CNC machining centre.

Success factors

  • Expertise in the manufacture of individual items and prototypes
  • Complex 3D geometries can be realised
  • Outstanding chip removal expertise with many different materials
  • Short initialisation times
  • Flexible and motivated technical specialists

Series manufacture

Modern and efficient manufacturing
Multi-shift operation

Thanks to our specialist knowledge and modern manufacturing facilities with a high vertical range of manufacture, we manufacture top quality products in accordance with your requirements and deliver them on time.

Success factors

  • Redundant systems make quick machine changes possible
  • Prompt order triggering and low set-up costs
  • High vertical range of manufacture
  • Cubic and rotative machining, gear cutting, reaming, welding, friction stir welding and installation
  • Continuous optimisations in all processes
  • Extremely well trained and motivated experts

Installation technology

High degree of installation expertise
Assemblies ready for installation

Benefit from our high degree of installation expertise and obtain assemblies that are delivered on time, including final inspection.

Success factors

  • Ergonomic workplaces with modern equipment
  • Flexible experts
  • Installation of complex assemblies, including final inspections and/ or leaktightness testing



You can also make use of our comprehensive range of services in the logistics area. After production, we store and manage your products and deliver them in accordance with your requirements.

Success factors

  • Storage and management of your products
  • Call-up and delivery / dispatch in accordance with your specifications