Canycom BFP 602 MT

Rubber track carrier (Swiss market only)

Payload: 450 kg

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Area of use


The fold-down side and rear shutters as well as the bevelled rubber track carriers at the front also make your everyday work easier over difficult obstacles.


The most important areas of application are:

  • Fruit and wine growing: With mounted spraying system or for transport
  • Forestry:  Transports in rough terrain
  • Businesses, hotels, pensions, private holiday chalets, etc.: The simple, efficient "load donkey for everything"
  • Farms: For transport work and for carrying agricultural products
  • Building and civil engineering: Material transport on construction sites
Canycom BFP 602 MT

Success factors

  • Widely used in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture
  • The small and agile load carriers are also popular in the construction industry
  • Very good weight distribution even when driving empty with the transmission in front
  • The angled rubber track carriers pull themselves independently onto obstacles
  • Sufficient power and good gear ratio even for steep terrain

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