Stone burier


Working width: 70 - 100 cm

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The stone burier works unwanted grass, plant remains and stones down into the ground. The fine topsoil is achieved in just one operation. There is no need to go around collecting stones, which results in impressive time savings during tilling.

The standard quick lift RQL© (Rapid Quick-Lift), developed and patented by Rapid, optimizes the workflow and makes the application massively easier for the operator.

Stone burier

Success factors

  • Unwanted grass, coarse plant remains and stones get worked into the ground, leaving finely tilled earth on the surface
  • The ground can be prepared for sowing or planting in a single operation
  • Entire width gets worked from end to end thanks to the lateral drive
  • Continuously adjustable working depth
  • Light weight in comparison to tractors protects the ground
  • Also ideal for use in tunnels or greenhouses
  • Small appliance widths allow access through narrow gates and extremely small tracks
  • With the Rapid Euro and Orbito, the optional additional hydraulics mean that the working depth can be conveniently adjusted from the handlebar while working the soil

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