The Rapid winter range at a glance!

Rapid clearing blades are characterised by their versatility, safety and ease of operation. With the swivel mechanism, which can be conveniently operated from the handlebar, snow is efficiently pushed away in the desired direction.

Furthermore, with the Rapid snow thrower we have an attachment that is distinguished by its high quality, rapid operational readiness and long service life. The massively toothed cutter reel also cuts hard snow and feeds it to the thrower wheel. Through the chimney, the snow is cleanly guided during ejection.

Last but not least the Rapid combi spreader. With the Rapid combi spreader, spreading material - usually sand, salt or grit - is finely dosed and evenly spread. Thanks to its compact dimensions and large spreading width, the combi spreader is also ideal for hard-to-reach areas and is mainly used for de-icing.