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The Rapid rotary tiller shreds soil clods, finely mills soil and loosens them for construction. The ingeniously simple and robust design is impressive due to the fact that the direction of rotation of the tiller can be set against the direction of travel.

Reverse milling machine

With the reverse tiller, old grass, plant remains and stones are worked into the ground downwards. The fine soil is already on top after just one working pass.

Levelling harrow

With the robust levelling harrow, soils can be levelled easily and efficiently. A high area output can be achieved due to the shallow cultivation and the large working width.
Uni power harrow

With the Uni power harrow, clods of earth are effectively broken up, the soil is loosened and finely leveled. Due to the high number of rotary tines, a fine condition of the soil is produced in just one pass. This forms the perfect basis for the successful cultivation of various plants, vegetables or lawns.