The turf cutter

The turf cutter

Engine power: 5.5 HP / 4.2 kW

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Milling takes place, for example, with bottom reversing milling. Here, the old rag support layer is worked into the soil and the floes are buried. However, the pore volume is usually so large that after a certain time the soil settles and the lawn becomes uneven. Moreover, the undesired plants are still present; It's only a matter of time. - Quality: Malformed.

The wild growth can be minimized with herbicide application. But is not always allowed and especially in private facilities frowned upon.

Quality work always requires the removal of Altrasens and that means mostly lots of work!

But this does not have to be! With the Rasensodenschneider RS ​​3040, you simply cut the paths like in the production of the grasses, roll them together and bear them.

Thanks to its light weight and easy operation, the RS 3040 can be used in any installation. The drive of the knife is switched separately from the driving drive. This has two gears forward. The cutting width is 30 and 40 cm, respectively.

The turf cutter

Success factors

  • Light weight
  • Easy operation
  • Can be used in any installation
  • Cutting width 30 and 40 cm

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