Haymaker OP-115 Vari


Working width: 90 cm

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Area of use

Forage harvesting

The belt haymaker is used to carry out subsequent work steps after mowing, particularly windrowing on level ground and on gentle slopes. Furthermore, tedding/raking work can be carried out, and limited quantities of cuttings can be transported uphill. 

Haymaker OP-115 Vari

Success factors

  • Lightweight, manoeuvrable and compact attachment
  • Universal attachment for tedding/raking (with a raised guide roller) and windrowing on level ground or on gentle slopes
  • Swath formation for haymaking, landscape conservation, foliage on level ground and on gentle slopes
  • Good swath formation due to adjustable swath flap
  • Reliable depth control thanks to front support wheels whose height can be smoothly adjusted independently of each other
  • Swivel caster wheels for easy cornering and turning
  • Cross strut for locking swivel caster wheels for travel in a stratified line
  • Holder for ballast weights on the cross strut for optional ballasting for comfortable and safe use
  • Bracket for carrying the cross strut
  • Removal post for easy coupling and uncoupling

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