Pasture Harrow WS200


Working width: 200 cm

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Area of use

Mowing technology
Forage harvesting

The pasture harrow allows for maintenance, which enhances ­meadows and increases the forage quality when used in spring. On the one hand, accumulations of loose ground material (mounds, etc.) are levelled, which has a positive effect on the tool life of the blades in subsequent work steps, primarily during mowing. On the other hand, organic material and residues (dung, dried manure, etc.) are distributed and crushed. This promotes and accelerates rotting, thereby reducing the risk of feed contamination. In addition, it promotes tillering and stimulates certain plants in the grassland.

Pasture Harrow WS200

Success factors

  • Enhancement of grassland stocks by carefully tearing and scraping the turf
  • Promotion of growth by stimulating various plants
  • Reduced forage contamination by spreading and crushing organic materials
  • Rotatable netting for either intensive or gentle cultivation of green areas
  • Simple manoeuvring and full-surface cultivation on cropped terrain by means of a mechanism for ground adaptation
  • Longer service life for cutting blades during subsequent work step
  • Easy and convenient transport thanks to the overall width of less than 2.10 m and attachment points for load securing

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